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How to Best Clean Your Home Carpets

Posted on 31 December 2018 by admin (0)

It is easy to forget about cleaning the carpet. After all, it may take a long time to get entirely dirty. However, you should always remember to wash your carpet if you are ever conscious of home improvement. Everything else may be fine, neat and clean butt a dirty carpet can be a spoiler. When your guests walk into your living-room, they love to watch what they are walking on. If it is dirty, they get this suspicion that everything else in the house could be as dirty, from the drinking water, food to the air. The truth is, you cannot have a dirty carpet and fresh air at the same time; one has to give way.

So when you clean your house, do not overlook the carpet; the following tips should guide when you clean your home carpets:

Start With a Brush

You should first get on your knees and thoroughly brush the carpet with a stiff brush to get rid of those pasty stains that cannot be sucked by the vacuum cleaner.

Use the Vacuum Cleaner

Once you have brushed loose the sticky particles like gums or dry mud, you can now run the vacuum cleaner across the carpet. This will suck out all the loose particles between the carpet fibres, like tiny soils and other litters.

Scrub with Vinegar Solution

Once all the loose particles are removed, it is time to get rid of those splashes of soup or dog poop that have deeply discoloured the carpet. The vacuum cleaner cannot remove such stains. But with a vinegar solution, you can scrub them off. First, pour warm water in a bucket. Then add a quarter glass of vinegar to it. Dip the scrubber into the solution and scrub the stains on the carpet. Make sure the scrubber doesn’t hold too much moisture that can turn the carpet wet.

In case you do not have vinegar, you can use baking soda, which is as effective. But the procedure is different when you use baking soda; add little warm water to the baking soda and sprinkle it over each stain. Again, make sure you do not over-wet the carpet. Wait for about three hours for the solution weaken the tough stains. You can then vacuum up the stained spots to remove the baking powder and the dirt.

Make Sure It Dry Thoroughly

You may have done a great job cleaning your carpet, but if you don’t let it dry well, your toil will have been in vain. So first run the vacuum cleaner across it once more to absorb part of the moisture, then open the windows and turn on the fans and the AC. You can turn on even the dehumidifier if you have one. A carpet should dry for at least 7 hours. If your carpet is not completely dry, it’ll acquire moulds and even change colour.


To save yourself from hard labour, do not wait until your carpet is too dirty before finally cleaning it. If you clean it regularly, you will find it to be an easy task.